Assisted Living Today ~ “an online lesson with earlSpeak is one of the best gift ideas for seniors”.




Selected Testimonials by Individuals

groupWhat a fabulous program you so generously gave us old timers here in snow country Stowe Vermont yesterday! I’m sure we all could have enjoyed another two hours of your computer wisdom…You did a magnificent job and we can’t thank you enough!!! Keep in touch Ciao for now. SEWALL (still alive at 75)

Just thought that I would say hi to let you know I am moving around the Internet with rapid ease since your class. WAMIQ

Ferd works one-on-one with us older farts who find themselves in need of a frightening new computer, with all its terrifying ramifications. He is excellent. In case you know somebody (doesn’t even have to be old) who needs some hand-holding, great advice and superb assistance in buying a computer (Ferd can get deals) and getting the thing to do what needs to be done, Ferd is the guy. ROY

Just wanted to thank you for two well-taught seminars…you are a natural-born teacher…with good skills. You gave us the know-how and impetus to move forward and to overcome our computer phobias. Please keep me informed re: future courses at the Princeton Club. CONNIE

Selected Testimonials by Organizations

Thank you for all your help this past Tuesday for the Eisner Foundation visit to SBSS…It has been a real pleasure to work with you on the Mobile Tech Lab. ANDRES GONZALEZ, Coordinator, Special Projects,St. Barnabas Senior Services

Thank you very much for your most comprehensive and informative program on the Internet. It was very much an “eye opener” for many of our seniors…Keep in touch so that we can plan more programs. ROSLYN WEISER, Director, Senior Adult Department, Central Queens YM & YWHA

Flexibility and a willingness to accommodate to our needs have been key elements in our satisfaction with the work done by earlSpeak. The dependable trainers have willingly traveled to 10 sites in diverse communities in the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. At our request, a unique curriculum was developed and implemented for training of computer pages (library staff assigned to assist members of the public with computers). KATHERINE TODD, Technology Training Coordinator, The New York Public Library

Our members thoroughly enjoyed the classes and were thrilled with Ferdinand as an instructor. Ferdinand has a great command of his subject matter, his teaching style is patient and respectful and most importantly, he makes his students feel absolutely comfortable. Many of our members are retirees who never used computers during their work careers, and who feel “left behind” by advances in technology. Our earlSpeak classes were a terrific way for them to catch up in a safe and supportive environment. I look forward to inviting earlSpeak back to the Princeton Club to teach many more classes in the near future (in fact, my members have demanded it!). NANETTE GUARDA, Program & Events Manager, The Princeton Club of New York

I am constantly being asked by residents about when I will start up a new set of computer classes with earlSpeak…I highly recommend earlSpeak and the services that it offers. SUSAN TOPOL, CSW, Coordinator, Lincoln House Outreach


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