hip grandmaOur passion is for working with folks who didn’t grow up with computers as they find their way on the world wide web. We have been dedicated to this work for over 11 years and have found that our curriculum works best to help seniors and new users overcome their initial fear of technology and to build their interest in all that computers and the Internet have to offer.

We pledge to be their willing guides throughout this lifelong process of learning as Internet and computer technology evolves and grows.

What we love to do:

  • Lead a comprehensive spectrum of computer and Internet classes geared towards individuals who did not grow up with exposure to these technologies
  • Design and create tailored learning curricula for a unique audience or environment and train your staff to lead these classes
  • Remote teaching sessions where an earlSpeak instructor connects his/her computer with the senior’s computer and we teach over the telephone while being able to control the mouse on the senior’s computer
  • Consult on the acquisition of appropriate computer and peripheral equipment
  • Purchase and install computer and peripheral equipment
  • Establish and support permanent and/or mobile technology lab installations
  • Plan, establish and maintain localized and/or facility-wide Wi-Fi Internet networks

Our clients include:

  • Housing communities and their residents
  • Senior centers
  • Hospital groups
  • Public Libraries
  • Financial Institutions
  • Individuals in their own homes
  • Anyone who needs help introducing their residents/ members/ relatives/ community/ family to computers and the Internet!
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